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A Lasting Decision

A Lasting Decision

Choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting task. The choice of where and how to educate your child is something every family must mull over. It’s a decision that can be challenging and complicated. There are public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, home schools, and religious private schools. Each offering different educational styles and methods that range from the traditional to the progressive.

Here at The Cor Deo School, we take the long-range view of our students when considering their educational experience. Our challenging academic environment is designed to educate the whole child, cultivating wisdom and virtue by emphasizing truth, beauty and goodness in the teaching process. The portrait of who they become when they graduate looks beyond their years here at Cor Deo and focuses on what they will need as individuals to live life well. For us, it’s not simply about what they will learn and how we teach them, but who they will become.

Third Grade Math at The Cor Deo School


In light of this long-range view, we choose our curriculum carefully so that our students meet both ancient and contemporary authors, along with artists, composers and important figures in history. Because our curriculum is not bound by time, we do not judge a book by its publication date but rather by its ability to reflect truthfulness, goodness and beauty. As our students study and learn from the great ideas contained in these texts, they learn to imitate their best aspects and they gain experience in sorting out the true from the false as they hold it up to the light of God’s truth.


We choose our teaching methods carefully by taking the best educational ideas from the past, those that have been tried, proven and true, so that we can accelerate the present. The singing, chanting, discussing, memorizing, writing and speaking our students experience are all intentionally chosen to develop and practice the “tools of learning” they need to become life-long learners.

Our Goal

We choose our end goals carefully because our students will eventually enter society as adults who need to be ready for all that life has to offer. Throughout their time with us, we provide our students with a broad base of knowledge that aims at maximizing their humanity. We are focused on developing the whole person – their heart, mind and soul because we believe that a well-educated mind and a strong character, infused with a deep faith in Christ, are essential to equip each student to affect transformative change in their community and beyond.

Invest in Your Child

Few investments have more potential than your children’s education. The way they perceive the world, the depth of their character, and how they approach life are all influenced by their education. Take some time today to explore how a classical Christian education might be the best decision for your family. Schedule a personalized tour with us today.