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Now accepting community and parent School Board nominations. Please click here for our Board position job description.

Board Members

Mark Lackermayer, 2020-21 Board Chair
Cor Deo Parent

As a parent in our Cor Deo community and as a member of the Transition Team, Mark has invested several years in growing The Cor Deo School. Mark is a successful business owner of Tool Gauge & Machine Works Inc. and brings his focus, wealth of business knowledge, organizational skills, and practical and perceptive mind to our board. He is willing to give and defend pragmatic solutions to often overwhelming obstacles. In his free time, you can often find Mark and his wife Suzanne planning or engrossed in some adventure whether it is visiting new places around the world with their daughters Leah and Lauren, exploring our National Parks, or hiking, camping, and cross country skiing in the PNW.

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Kati O’Brien 2020–21 Vice Chair
Cor Deo Parent

Kati is Director of Implementation and Training at Skedge and a leader in non-profit and organizational development. She is positive, decisive, dedicated, and a planner.
She is knowledgeable about Cor Deo’s Operations, Business Processes, and Strategic Development and, as a parent, she lends her support to Cor Deo in numerous volunteer capacities. Kati has been actively managing, along with Destiny Olson and Elizabeth Woods, the annual Cor Deo School Auction and enjoys greeting students at the door in the mornings. She offers her determination, business experience, strategic mind, and decisive manner to our school board. Her faith and positive attitude fuel her ambitions and are an encouragement to those around her. Kati is married to Brendan and mom to Bridget and enjoys spending every free moment with her family and friends.

Griffin Lowe, 2020–21 Treasurer
Community Member

Griffin grew up in the Tacoma area and is proud to serve on the The Cor Deo School Board in the community he knows so well. He and his family own and operate the North Tacoma Grocery Outlet. He brings his financial and business knowledge to the board as well as his practicality and leadership in problem solving skills. Griffin is married to Ashlee and recently welcomed his first child, Tucker, into the world. In his free time, Griffin enjoys being with his family and friends, golfing and watching sports.

Cailyn Aune 2020–21 Secretary
Cor Deo Parent

Cailyn is married to Nathan and mother to three Cor Deo Students: Jane, Jensen, and Greyson. She carries a deep passion for truth, virtue, and for God to receive the glory! Classical Christian education was the discovery she didn’t know her family needed, but was the answer to their prayers. As she has seen her children thrive in and be transformed by this powerful model of education, it has become a passion of her own. Cailyn’s heart is that every family who longs for this for their child, could one day have access to it. In addition to a conviction to do what is right, uncompromising principles, hard-work, and dedication, Cailyn brings a practical parental view, discernment, a heart of faith, and an active prayer life to the School Board. Her organizational and administrative strengths, gained through helping her husband run their small business for 15+ years, will serve Cor Deo well. When she is not training up her children in the way they should go or being humored by her husband, you might find Cailyn running early in the morning, baking, reading, gardening, or you may bump into her camping with her family at a National Park! 

Anne Highsmith
Community Member

Anne is an efficiency expert for her family and a mighty prayer warrior. She played a strategic role in expanding First Presbyterian Church School into a preschool through fifth grade school (now Cor Deo) and is passionate about equipping youth to know the Lord. She modestly offers her years of experience as an active supporter of Christian schools, her wisdom as a seasoned parent of a college student and high school student, her authentic and charismatic personality, and her heart for prayer to our school. When she isn’t watching one of her son’s golf tournaments, you can find her volunteering for the American Junior Golf Association, First Tee, and the Washington Junior Golf Association. She is also starting a satellite wing of the Women’s Group, Anchor for Women, to gather and support women in prayer and community. Married to Christopher and mom to Sam and Joe, her faith and family are what matter most.

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Rennie Dennehy
Community Member

Please check back soon for more information about Rennie.

Governing Documents

The Cor Deo School Bylaws, June 2016

The Cor Deo School Statement of Faith

The Cor Deo School Conduct Policy

School Board Meetings

Cor Deo Board meetings are held on the second Monday of every month on our Upper School campus from 6 to 8 p.m. and are open to current and prospective parents.