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Awakening Students to Transcendental Beauty

Each week our K–6 teachers send email newsletters to our parents, sharing the joys of the week past and the tasks of the week ahead, along with their thoughts on classical education. Below we share a portion of our second

An Important Announcement

To the Cor Deo Community:

We are writing to let you know that Mr. Shuts recently informed the Board of Directors that he has decided to step down from his position as Head of School, effective July 31, 2019. Mr. Shuts’ …

Celebrating Black History Month

History gives us the ability to stop and remember significant past events that have shaped the world in which we live. This is why every year the month of February is designated as Black History Month. In 1926, Carter G. …

Taste and See

Barbara Hansen, Cor Deo Sixth Grade Teacher, with husband Steve Hansen

My student shuffled forward and greeted me with a card held high as if presenting me with a tasty meal on a fancy plate. I took the bright orange …

Setting Your Parenting GPS

Setting Your Parenting GPS

written by Barbara Hansen, Cor Deo’s Sixth Grade Teacher

Life is soooo busy. Even though we all have electronic gadgets to make our lives easier, it seems that there is barely time to catch our breath. I was was once …

On Comfort and Learning to Be Human

Guest writer Nathan Hansen is a senior at New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, is classically educated, and is the son of Cor Deo’s sixth grade teacher, Barbara Hansen.

I have often gotten into conversations with Nice People (note

Partnering with Your Child’s Teacher

Partnering with Your Child’s Teacher

Your child’s classical Christian teacher desires to partner with you in the important and holy work of shaping the soul of a precious human being: your child. Part of the beauty of a classical Christian education is that your child’s …

Music: Refreshing the Soul

Music: Refreshing the Soul

The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God  and the refreshment of the soul.”    –Johann Sebastian Bach

If you want to enter into an interesting conversation, ask someone what their …