Cor Deo Grandparent Community

Grandparents at The Cor Deo School hold a special place in our hearts. We know that you place a high value on education, as reflected in your own children’s choice of schools for your grandchild. We also know that your role in your grandchild’s life is an important one, so we want to offer you the opportunity to be involved in their education!

We invite you to impact the next generation as you support and strengthen your own grandchild’s education by joining the Cor Deo Grandparents Community. You’ll be invited to special events throughout the year, have the opportunity to volunteer in many ways, and learn more about how the school is growing.

Interested in being part of our first Grandparents Community Committee? Please indicate your interest below. Serving on the Committee is an extra way to be involved in the school life of your grandchild and provides an opportunity for you to make new friends. Our hope is for this committee to meet several times a year at the school.

We are grateful for the grandparents of our Knights!

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Volunteer at The Cor Deo School

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