Eighth Grade Graduate Spotlight: Siri Inverso

Siri Inverso | Columbia House President, Cross Country and Track & Field Athlete

This week we celebrate our eighth grade graduates! Our first eight grade class, blazing a trail for future Knights. Today we honor Siri Inverso. Siri has served her fellow students well as 2019-20 Columbia House President. Read more about how stepping into leadership has shaped her Cor Deo experience, in her own words:

Even though I have been a student at Cor Deo since kindergarten, this year presented me with the most leadership opportunities. Serving as the Columbia House president has been the most challenging and unique experience of my Cor Deo years. Acting as House president involves many responsibilities, including leading house meetings, organizing activities, and mentoring younger students. For me, the most enjoyable part of this position is the fellowship with the students in lower grades through house tournaments, school events, and service projects.  

Every year since fifth grade, I have heard my teachers constantly telling me, “Those little kids look up to you.”  This concept of another person following my actions is a big responsibility. Although I have been exposed to this idea for a long time, this year has shown me the true meaning of those words. It all clicked fully during our annual Reformation Day festivities. I noticed that when I was using proper manners, staying seated, and listening respectfully, the young students followed suit. 

The most challenging experience as a House leader came when we were to collect items for a themed auction basket. The other students in my House needed guidance and motivation to complete the task.  I had to be one of the examples for them to follow closely.  Because of my opportunities and supportive teachers, I have grown and flourished as a leader. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.”

Congratulations, Siri! We know you will succeed at Covenant High School and beyond!