Eighth Grade Graduate Spotlight: Sophia Swank

Eighth Grade Graduate, Sophia Swank | 2018 Heart of a Knight Recipient

We’re so proud of our first eighth grade class! Whether they have been with us for only a year or since their preschool years, we celebrate who God is shaping them to be and prayerfully release them to the next step in their educational journey. This week we will hear short stories or reflections from each of them about their time at Cor Deo. Join us in congratulating them on their accomplishments!

In all my years of FPCS/Cor Deo, I always looked forward to the leadership and service roles we were given. Fifth grade was the year my class became the highest grade of the school, and we continued as the highest grade as the school grew. There were many different service endeavors I participated in, from simple bake sales to larger projects like the Thanksgiving Food Drive. The Thanksgiving Food Drive was one of the first major events my class had the opportunity to actually set up. All the grades would bring in the food and supplies. Each grade was assigned its own type of food to gather for the project. After all the supplies were collected, the fifth graders, with the help of some teachers and parents, packed the boxes in an assembly line after school one day. The boxes were then taken to the church and distributed to families in need. I chose to reflect on this experience because it was one of the first major projects that I could lead. It gave us, fifth graders, a chance to be a part of something beneficial to us and to those who received the packages. This food drive helped us practice compassionately serving others at a young age and prepared us for future leadership roles.  Overall in my time at Cor Deo, I have developed servant leadership skills that will aid me in high school.  

–Sophia Swank