Eighth Grade Graduate Spotlight: Sylvia Baldwin

Sylvia Baldwin | Olympic House President, Cross Country Athlete

This week we celebrate our eighth grade graduates! Our first eight grade class, blazing a trail for future Knights. Today we honor Sylvia Baldwin. Sylvia has served her fellow students well as 2019-20 Olympic House President. Read more about how the facing the challenges of the new and unknown have shaped her time at Cor Deo, in her own words:

Dear little sister, 

I know you have worries about 8th grade, so I wrote this to give you courage. During this year there were some ups and downs, but overall it was a great year. Since this was my first year at Cor Deo, I had some struggles. I did not share past experiences with my fellow classmates who have spent years together; however, by the end of the year we had plenty of things to talk and laugh about. No matter what school you go to, I know you can make lots of friends. This year I participated in cross country, which I greatly enjoyed. I encourage you to do sports of some kind. Cross country began before school started, so I had not met anyone at Cor Deo, yet everyone was very welcoming. The cross country team was small which allowed me to develop close friendships. Doing sports is a great way to make new friends.

Before school started, I was worried I would be behind my classmates academically.  I quickly realized our homeschooling experiences prepared me for the challenges of adapting to a new curriculum. Soon after the school year started, I began appreciating the challenges the teachers offered. I’m confident you will be able to adapt to any curriculum just as I did. 

Although I pushed through struggles this year,  I had an opportunity to work hard, learn a lot, and make new friends. I know you will too. I know 8th grade will be unforgettable and enjoyable because you are kind and hardworking.

With love, 


Congratulations, Sylvia! We know you’ll go far at Covenant High School and beyond!