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Music: Refreshing the Soul

Music: Refreshing the Soul

The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God  and the refreshment of the soul.”    –Johann Sebastian Bach

If you want to enter into an interesting conversation, ask someone what their favorite music is. The answer might surprise you or perhaps shock you depending upon the context.

In a culture that is saturated with every type of musical genre, it’s clear we love our tunes. Just one casual look around and you will find someone listening to music while waiting for a bus, belting out songs while driving a car, or listening to their personal mix while jogging down the street.

You and I are no different; we have specific places and times where we are sure to be listening to music. We listen for the pleasure it generates and the state of mind it creates. Music has a unique way of touching our soul and leading us back to the one who created our inmost being.

Music Class at CDS

So, why would God design us this way?

In a word: love. God designed us to receive and reflect His love. And when we are free to fully express our love for Him, we naturally enter into worship. Music draws us deeper into our relationship with the one who created us and provides room for our soul to rejoice in God’s amazing love.

Saint Irenaeus once proclaimed, “The glory of God is the man fully alive.” He knew that God’s love transforms us from the inside out. Worship is an outward expression of an inward reality and music is the powerful conduit for this beautiful expression.

What a wonderful gift. God, in His infinite wisdom, knew the power of music. It truly has the ability to refresh the soul and is a significant part of our daily school rhythms.

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