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Setting Your Parenting GPS

Setting Your Parenting GPS

written by Barbara Hansen, Cor Deo’s Sixth Grade Teacher

Life is soooo busy. Even though we all have electronic gadgets to make our lives easier, it seems that there is barely time to catch our breath. I was was once in your shoes—running kids to sports practice, to music lessons, and to church activities. Then there are all the responsibilities of a family: grocery shopping, appointments, laundry, and the list goes on. Who has time to do more?

When I got up in the morning when the kids lived at home, it seemed like I had one goal in mind: make it to the end of the day. Even though survival felt like the ultimate goal, my husband, Steve, and I knew that God’s call for us as parents meant keeping our focus. Everyday we kept His goals before us as we modeled for our children how to love Him with all our heart, mind, and soul.

When Steve and I were young parents decades ago, we wrote end goals for the children. We thought about the kind of adults we wanted our children to be and then reverse engineered our parenting strategies. Steve and I wanted excellent future Christian adults who would step into the world and serve Christ, not decent children that people could stand to be around.

A list of do’s and don’t’s for what children can and cannot do is not child training, and there is a danger of crossing over to the dark side of legalism. We had the whole person in mind when we set end goals for our children. You could sum the whole list of twenty-five goals in seven words, “what we want our kids to love.” On the top of list was Jesus Christ, His Word, the church, Christian community. The rest of our manifesto covered other important aspects of our children’s lives like: family, education, recreation, and community service.

We thought about the activities, people, books, and media that supported our goals. We needed clear targets, so we could assess whether we were moving toward the target or away from it. Our manifesto became a filter.

Fortunately, classical Christian education is about training the heart to love the things of God; to love truth, to love wisdom, and to love beauty.  Steve and I adopted classical Christian education as our family educational philosophy in 1995. Shaping the habits and forming the loves of the soul, classical Christian education became an important means to achieving our parenting objectives.

I want to encourage you to have clear goals as you parent. Write your own manifesto of what you are aiming for as parents.

The Cor Deo School is here to work with you in shaping your child’s heart and mind. Our teachers, administrators, and staff work to establish a school culture where your children can flourish and form character and virtue. You support the goals and aims of classical Christian education when you become a conscientious partner with these important training goals for your children.  You can support these goals by setting your parenting GPS for your children’s adulthood.

Considering how an education at The Cor Deo School may fit with your parenting GPS? Schedule a tour today to learn more.