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Tuition & Fees

An education at The Cor Deo School makes a lasting impact on each student who attends. Regardless of your financial or socioeconomic status, The Cor Deo School strives to be accessible to all families who see the value of a Christian, classical education.

We know that a private school education is a significant investment of time and resources. If you are likeminded but your finances seem uncertain as you consider a private school, please apply and interview. The Cor Deo School offers tuition assistance funds to qualifying families.

2020–2021 tuition & fees will be published by January 8, 2020.

2019-20 Tuition & Fees

Fees (Non-Refundable)

New Family Application Fee $100
Enrollment Fee $400 per student (includes supplies, activity, security, and technology fees
Enrollment fees secure your child’s spot in their class. Payment of these fees is the final step in the enrollment process.


Grade First Child Second Child Third Child  Fourth Child Fifth Child+
Kindergarten $4,160/yr ($378.18/mo) $3,848/yr ($349.81/mo)
Kindergarten Plus Enrichment $7,900/yr ($718.18/mo) $7,307.50/yr ($664.32/mo) $6,715/yr ($610.45/mo) $5,925/yr ($538.64/mo) $3,950/yr ($359.09/mo)
Grades 1–5 $7,900/yr ($718.18/mo) $7,307.50/yr ($664.32/mo) $6,715/yr ($610.45/mo) $5,925/yr ($538.64/mo) $3,950/yr ($359.09/mo)
Grades 6–8 $8,100/yr ($736.36/mo) $7,492.50/yr ($681.14/mo) $6,885/yr ($625.90/mo) $6,075/yr ($552.27/mo) $4,050/yr ($368.18/mo)
[/su_table]Tuition is billed on an eleven-month cycle (August-June) unless it is paid in full. A 4% tuition discount is offered to families who pay in full by May 15, 2019.

Additional Expenses

Uniforms Uniforms are required for all students through Lands’ End.
After School Programs Art, drama, science, poetry, sewing, and other classes are offered in the fall and spring. Fees cover supplies and teacher pay.
Clubs Chess and Running Clubs both have fees to cover tournaments, t-shirts, and coaches.
Sports Sports fees cover coaches, uniforms, events, and registration.